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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings with Barbara enable individuals to feel and experience a deep connection with the energetic patterns that guide and help shape their lives. Working from a place of love over ego, Barbara serves as a conduit or messenger, relaying insights—about relationships, life choices, physical health, spiritual conflict, unfinished business, and more—that will be helpful to people at the present time or on the next step of their spiritual journey. 

As Barbara channels spirit, messages may come through from departed loved ones, multi-dimensional beings, Pleiadians, and/or guides. Regardless of the information source, people are typically able to make immediate meaning that resonates with both the heart and mind.

Readings are more powerful and effective when individuals actively participate in the process—when they're ready for change and willing to begin taking responsibility for co-creating their lives.

Individual intuitive readings may occur in person or by phone. Barbara is also available to perform readings at social gatherings or retreats, where the intention is spiritual/personal growth and development.
To schedule and intuitive reading, call 763.350.4020 or complete the online request form

Individual Readings
$110 - 60 minutes
$65 - 30 minutes
$90 - 45 minutes

Group Readings
$130 - 60 minutes 


So many blessings have been received by working with Barbara. The reading was as if she stepped inside my soul for a moment, and helped me to acknowledge what my head and my heart were afraid  to admit. The accuracy & depth of the reading was amazing and truly helpful .  - Lisa N.


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