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Classes & Workshops

Barbara offers classes and workshops on various topics designed to support personal transformation. These experiential learning opportunities encourage individuals to re-member all that they are and strengthen the connection with their intuition and their source of authentic power.

Barbara incorporates a variety of tools for transformation in her teaching.

Toning: the use of sound to promote spiritual and physical healing; connect to a new energy framework; release old thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns; revive one's energetic structure; attract all that one desires; and more

Guided Visualization: a guided internal journey filled with gifts of meaning based on personal intentions set for the trip

Meditation: a truly individual experience, focused on breathing, that allows people to pull in their energy, let go of the past and present, and be present in the moment

Intuitive Development: exercises designed to help individuals recognize, trust, and rely on their intuitive abilities

Energetic Awareness: exercises that enable people to see and experience that they are energetic beings and understand how to use that energy

Discussion: open talk about how class/workshop topics relate to daily life

Enchantment: activities that foster reconnection with child energy, which is enchanting, fun-loving, playful, and joyful 


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