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Dream Analysis

Dreams are a form of intuition. When the mind -- our center of analytical reasoning -- is asleep, intuition can come through freely.

During a dream analysis, Barbara helps you open up to the energy of your dream and understand what your intuition is trying to tell you so that you can use the information to move forward on your journey. 

When dreams are silly or fantastical, we tend to laugh at them and sometimes disregard their value. When dreams are scary, intense or illogical, we sometimes interpret them too literally and fear and judge them as a result.

Although they can involve visions, premonitions, and visits from those on the other side, most dreams are symbolic and offer valuable opportunities for insights and problem solving about situations/circumstances in daily life.

To schedule a dream analysis, call 763.350.4020 or complete the online request form. 

Dream Analysis    
$25 - 15 minutes



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