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Encouraging the Heart & Mind to Walk Hand in Hand

An intuitive, teacher, and guide, Barbara Bjorklund offers readings, channeled messages, classes, and workshops that encourage individuals from all walks of life to:

Barbara Bjorklund
  • see themselves as intuitive, energetic beings with the power to create healthy, rewarding lives.
  • understand their energetic connections and consciously choose whether to maintain current connections, revive past connections, or develop new ones. 
  • examine behavioral patterns, thoughts, beliefs, intentions and expectations—releasing those that no longer serve them well.  
  • rediscover their child energy of enchantment, lightheartedness, playfulness, and joy.

Barbara holds a safe space for personal transformation, allowing individuals to grow, change, and embrace the essence of who they are.

Barbara’s broad background encompasses medical intuition, archetypes, chakras, sacred contracts, modern mysticism, and more. She’s studied with some of the most prestigious spiritual teachers of our time, including Dr. Caroline Myss, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Christine Page, and Ethyl Lombardi. These studies, combined with 30 years as a licensed educator in Minnesota, enable her to provide practical and meaningful guidance to her clients and students.

Get started on the next stage of your spiritual journey. Contact Barbara for an intuitive energy reading either in person or by phone.


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