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Archetypal Charts

Archetypes—including the warrior, fool, princess, queen, hermit, healer, actor, gambler, storyteller, reporter, and many others—are pre-existent energetic patterns of the collective unconscious. Some archetypal energies provide the basis of our personality and energetic structure; others change and move throughout our lifetime.
Any individual archetypal energy is neither good nor bad. The energy is simply available to assist us on our path; our work is to use the strength of the archetype rather than to try to rid ourselves of it.
Barbara’s archetypal charts enable individuals to recognize and work with their dominant energetic pattern in 12 major areas of life.

Persona: your personality, how you see yourself, how you come across to others

Personal Ownership: values, self-worth, what you value the most and your attachment to the physical power of your possessions

Communication: point of view, mindset

Home: your early development, beginnings and endings, sense of security, protectiveness of your creativity

Creativity: children, teaching, giving love, creativity

Work and Health: employment, cooperation, service to yourself and others

Partnerships: relationships, marriage, spouse, partnership

Legal/Financial: fears, challenges, money, power, self-worth

Spirituality/Wisdom: education, travels, religion, metaphysics, law, publishing

Highest Potential: career, profession, respect and recognition in the world

Relationship to the World: love received, friendships, rewards from others

Collective Soul: self-undoing, illness, karma, death, rebirth 

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